Computer Games for Business Employee Training Considered

In the future businesses will use computer games to help train their employees. You may think this is something that will happen far off into the future, perhaps 10 years from now, but that’s not correct. In fact many companies are already doing this. I know several large companies in the franchising sector that use computer games to help train their franchisee’s employees. The US military also uses computer games to help train the troops, and those important Army jobs which require logistical and logical thought processes.

It is amazing how much someone retains when they are using an interactive game in training. It is said that people only retain about 30% of what they read, and up to 60 to 75% of what they see. But when you combine all that with interactive videogame, the retention rate is incredible. Therefore, for the amount of time spent it’s a win-win for all concerned. That is to say the employees learn faster, and generally speaking most employees are learning while they are on the clock. Therefore it is costing the company less money to train them using gaming techniques on the computer.

What types of games are most apropos for such training of business employees? Well, why not consider games on customer service, and proper procedures? What about games for spotting shoplifters in retail establishments? How about extra points for finding things that are out of place on the shelf, and putting them back where they’re supposed to be? From inventory to customer service, and from return policies, to management – much of this can be learned through computer games.

Over the last decade we’ve seen an incredible amount of electronic game usage in the classroom, and it is working for the kids, they enjoy learning this way, and their retention goes up well past anything that could be expected from any other teaching method. This is because the student is immersed in the learning experience as they play the game. Many folks have put down computer games, and believe that teenagers are wasting their time playing these games when they could be doing something useful like studying their homework.

But there is empirical evidence proving that interactive computer gaming mixed with employee training or education – that students outperform most all other methods of teaching and learning. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it. If you’d like to open up a dialogue, discussion, or discourse on this topic please feel free to shoot me an e-mail at your earliest convenience because this is a think tank topic.